The One Thing That's More Important Losing Weight!

Did You Know That There Is Something Even More Important Than Weight Loss On The HCG Diet?

Everyone knows that the purpose of a diet is to lose weight; if you didn't lose weight, why would anyone put themselves through all that torture.

The problem is that the majority of dieters out there think that losing weight is the most important thing. To them all they care about is seeing a smaller number on the scale every morning.

Now don't get me wrong, losing weight everyday is a great feeling.

However, there is something that's even more important than the actual weight loss ... Keeping it off!

Time and time again I see people work so hard to lose as much weight as they possibly can. Then for some reason they really seem to drop the ball when it comes to keeping it gone.

If you want to know the truth, keeping the weight from coming back is by far the most important step of all.

Because even though a person might lose 30 pounds on the HCG Diet, it doesn't really mean that much if they gain 15 of it back. Honestly, it would be just the same as someone who lost 15 pounds and managed to kept it all off.

In fact, it would actually be better to lose a lower amount of weight and not gain it back, because this would mean that they are following the plan.

Plus, if you are doing the diet right, and sticking to the protocol even after the 500 Calorie Diet, there should really be no reason for your weight to fluctuate more than a pound or two.

So before you go putting all of your motivation into losing weight, you may want to consider saving some of that positive energy for keeping off.

Because in the end you will only truly be happy if you can keep the weight from coming back.

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