5 Ways to Keep your HCG Diet New Years Resolution.

Are you going to make a goal this year to lose weight with the HCG Diet? With the start of a new year comes the tradition of New Years Resolutions. People all over the world are making goals – losing weight is the number one! The HCG Diet is a surefire way for you to reach your goal!

5 Ways to Keep your HCG Diet New Years Resolution

1. Get Rid of Temptations – The holidays brought so many goodies. The best way to stick to the HCG diet is to get rid of ALL the foods that tempt you or (if possible) that are not allowed on the HCG protocol. If you don’t have junk food staring you in the face you won’t be tempted to cheat and eat it!

2. Carry A Before Picture of Yourself – They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. We recommend taking a picture of yourself when you start your HCG Diet. Carry this photo around with you. When you are tempted to eat off protocol or are feeling weak pull that picture out. A visual reminder of why you are on the HCG diet is sometimes all you need!

3. Express Yourself – This may sound silly but it works. Write yourself notes and place them around your house or office. “Stay Strong” ,”I Am Healthy”, “I Can DO This” Post your goals and/or your progress on our Facebook Fan page. We want to hear about your HCG journey, and others do too!

4. Get An HCG Buddy – Find a friend who will go on the HCG Diet with you. Having extra support and encouragement can do wonders for your will power.

5. Stay Busy – How many of us eat out of boredom? Occupy your time and you will increase your chances of HCG Diet Success.

I hope these tips help you keep your HCG Diet Resolutions! Here’s to better health!

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